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FOX News
Oct 29, 2012 8:00pm PDT
outage problems. if you think there are 0 million people without power, with irene people didn't have power for well over a week. in this case it possibly turned into the same thing. a week from tomorrow is election day. it's possible a big part of the area won't have power by the time they get towards next tuts. >> people with power, it's freezing cold. 48 degrees. rick, thank you. >> some parts of jersey city under curfew. jersey city mayor joins us by phone. good evening, mayor. and what is the status of your city tonight, sir? >> good evening, we took a pretty good beating in jeersy city tonight. high tide concurred with the grounding and landing of the hurricane all at a full moon. meet yolists predict this urge up the hudson and rivers and they were right, it was unprecedented. the river surged from both rivers. we issued mandatory evacuations 7:00 a.m. monday, this morning. people didn't abide by that. it has to do with that title surge. concurring with the time that hurricane hit wland high winds. >> is there any deaths or serious injuries? >> a lot of damage and property dama
FOX News
Oct 29, 2012 5:00pm PDT
worse than when i stood here 14 months ago for hurricane irene. i would say that broadway which runs the entire length of new york city parallel with the ocean is under something like 5 feet. every single home is impossible to imagine how all of them aren't completely inundated on the ground level. the water goes back street after street after street as far as we can see. we cannot get out of this hotel right now to explore further. but it is a desperate situation for anybody who did not heed those warnings, which were said again and again by officials. get off of what is a barrier island. get out while you can. now it is way way too late. we wait for day break to see when this surge ends. and also the extent of the damage it has done. it is going to be bad here in long beach city and across the length of long island, shep. you and i have covered a the love hurricanes and we have seen a lot of storms. can i tell you i have never seen a storm surge like this, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt live on long island in new york. so, it's becoming clear what we are witnessing from virginia b
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)